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Moun Sewye Solar Agro-Processing Pilot

Greetings All,

I represent a small community group seeking to develop and fund our own community projects independently and we are seeking an agricultural based community to adopt our pilot project, The following is a description of the intent of the pilot, please feel free to comment.

Dominica is a small agriculture and tourism based developing nation and our economy depends on our ability to develop small to medium scale processing capabilities to begin moving towards a more stable and sustainable livelihood for all. This will be a pilot to spur a shift towards a more diverse socioeconomic environment, in which my fellow countrymen can work collectively towards ensuring our national food security and place ourselves in a better position to reduce our dependency on importation. A penny saved will become a penny earned towards the development of other projects which will similarly impact lives equitably. We at Moun Sewye (Serious people) have started out on a mission to bridge the gaps between agricultural activities in Dominica and consumers locally, regionally and internationally. our method is to specialize services and processes at each stage to ensure quality standards and focus groups to reach maximum efficiency at every stage from marketing to branding and distribution. The targeted funds will supply all required equipment and energy solutions as well as capital for the formation of a co-operative which will be responsible for acquisition of a suitable location for construction of a small scale solar powered Agro-processing plant which will make all of this possible. This will be accomplished through the purchase of raw materials such as sweet potatoes, cassava, cocoa, coconut, and other varieties for the production of oils & flours, and the use of byproduct for pressing of animal feeds. A buffer of funds will be maintained within the co-operative for immediate payment of farmers for raw materials to ensure a steady and abundant supply of quality raw materials for production. any small contribution monetarily or otherwise towards our achievement of this goal will be welcomed. The attached video clip is a small demonstration of the idea and intent for the implementation of this mission, and we encourage full support and participation of stakeholders and donors at every level. feel free to join the discussion at, become a member today. Once there we will be able to share and discuss all the details of the project such as equipment sources and costing etc..

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