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Covid Api zafan nous! (Covid & our Children

In this post we will be presenting questions and considerations which are relevant to our Dominican children, parents

We will be expounding these questions in a series of posts on this very subject which confronts our local Dominican population. Are we being given all the facts? read ahead and you decide for yourself. feel free to leave your feedback.

Do no Harm

● By all accounts of latest data from vaccine injury reporting systems, the risks to children

and adults are much greater than the benefits.

● The list of deaths is climbing and the list of many different types of injuries - including

very severe types of injuries is increasing.

● The vaccine is in clinical trials till 2023; not enough studies including longitudinal

studies have been done to now render it ";safe"; for children; several high level officials and

world renown doctors also question the recent debauched process of ";approval"; for

vaccines to be issued to teenagers.

● Some doctors in various countries, including in Trinidad have discovered through special

blood tests of vaccinated persons that their blood, in astonishingly quick time, is

presenting like the blood of persons with AIDS - where their immune system is rapidly

declining. These doctors are also imploring that such blood nor vaccinated organs should

be donated as they are now contaminated with spiked proteins. In light of this, it is

incumbent upon the authorities to immediately further investigate this and if proven true

to take swift action to prevent further harm to the population - children and adults.

● Other doctors are reporting that they are seeing various types of cancers developing

rapidly in their once healthy clients.

● Does Dominica conduct blood tests or autopsies to study potential effects?


We will be Posting Additional questions everyday, to follow and comment on these and other discussions become a member of

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